June 11, 2009

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Garden glimpse

We don't need rain. For the past two months, since we planted the garden, it's been raining. What is usually hazy, hot and humid has morphed into chilly, gloomy and rainy. Don't get us wrong, we're happy that we don't have to water the garden every evening, but at the same time we've seen a lot of our hard work drown and what hasn't fallen victim isn't growing at the rate it should be. Who can blame it?

I guess we're grateful for the fact that we started from seed, so a lot of money wasn't invested. Just a few plants to round things out from the local nursery. Funny though, our from seed does appear to be outgrowing the few plants we did buy.

But, I can't wait for the haze, the heat, the need for air conditioning. I want to be chilly inside and walk outside into the thick marine heat that only living by the bay can bring. In the thick of it, I want to pull some ripened tomatoes off the vine and inhale that hot, earthy goodness that lingers on your hands and in your nose. I ache for that tangible summer...the one that has yet to awake.

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