June 27, 2009

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Ghetto pot

Ghetto pot is what we call our tiny espresso pot for two. The handle was removed after it melted. It was one of those instances where the pot wasn't nestled just right over the flame and of course I looked away at the wrong moment.

It gets washed every morning before work. Rarely does it see the cupboard where all of the other coffee pots call home. On occasion it gets a break, if we have company. Usually, though, it gets used almost every night.

For a while we had a designated hand towel for ghetto pot which we called ghetto towel. It was hammered with coffee stains. Feeling ambitions one day, I took care of the stains. Now the towel has been retired to the towel drawer with its peers. Now we just use a bright orange cloth napkin. It's slightly smaller than the old towel, so handling ghetto pot is much easier.

While I'm sure we're getting a nice dose of heavy metals in our system using it the way we do so frequently, we can't help ourselves. Ghetto pot is seasoned and brews up the best after dinner espresso.

Born in Italy, raised on East Baltimore St in Baltimore city, Ghetto pot now resides with it's owners on the nicest street in Highlandtown, Md.

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