June 30, 2009

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Zucchini Flowers

Every year our garden in the city produces a different result. Take for instance the zucchini plant. Last year we planted three plants side by side with heaps of space between them (we thought) hoping to produce buckets of zucchini, more than we could ever hope to eat. What we got were gigantic plants with ample flowers, not one zucchini. Our pre-planting research this Spring seems to be paying off. So far we're producing not only the beautifully delicious flowers, but we're also seeing signs of zucchini and the plant is only about half the size compared to the year prior.

That said, our garden is still taking its sweet time. Although, we can report that the sun has been pretty consistent over the past week or so and the temperatures are slowly climbing, it's not nearly as hot or humid as it should be for this time of year in Baltimore.

It's been trial and error in our garden to say the least. While are execution might not always be perfect, our determination is great. We're slowly learning and our confidence is definitely building.


  1. Had Zucchini flowers for the first time in February. Lovely. You're so blessed

  2. :)

    They're delicious. One plant will produce an incredible amount.


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