August 30, 2009

Simon says "Make Pesto"
Simon says "Do Back Breaking Work in the Yard"

We're done for the weekend. I imagine the rest of Sunday will be spent reading and maybe a nap. After spending all day on our feet Saturday, first cleaning and running errands and second me failing miserably at attempting the filling for a lemon tart while the Italian plucked and washed basil leaves in preparation for a second mega-batch of pesto, we spent the first half of Sunday getting the garden ready for the inevitability of Fall. Pulling out tired tomato and yellowing zucchini plants, aerating the dirt, plucking dead heads and finally hosing everything down. We're done, I say...for now. It's exhausting. And, while we don't mind the energy it takes to get things done, we do mind the aching muscles and joints, bug bites, scratches, and mountains of bagged yard waste that comes with it.

No doubt in my mind that both of us are already looking forward to Labor Day weekend.

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