September 04, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes, Large and Small

I got it into my head that I have to make chocolate cupcakes today after work. Specifically devils food cake cupcakes with chocolate butter icing. I found the recipes last night for both in "The Joy of Cooking". However, this morning I'm having second thoughts about the icing part. Perhaps just a dusting of confectioners sugar instead. Simple, but elegant. A little Betty Crocker meets Martha Stewart, presentation-wise.

Some might view my second thoughts as a lack of commitment. I on the other hand see it for what it is, a side affect from my day job. As a senior graphic designer working for a large consulting firm I'm expected to have more than one trick up my sleeve. It's expected that I have several. While pulling the rabbit out of my hat, cramming the clowns into the car and walking the tight rope, I also have to juggle.

We all have to live with our own psychosis. While it would make more sense if I followed through with the original plan, it also wouldn't hurt if some cupcakes were large, others small, some with chocolate butter icing and others with confectioners sugar. Seems like a fair compromise.


  1. Remember, less is more. If you call them something funky like "minimalist" cupcakes nobody will ever know that they were supposed to be anything but what they are.

  2. I stuck with the original plan and it paid off. :)


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