September 17, 2009

Corkage Fee

The rain was just starting to come down, the wind was starting to sway and billow. Our destination, The Wine Market. 10 in attendance, celebrating the 37th year of our friend.

The lighting was warm, everything looked aglow. Seated at around 7:30, everyone took immediate action surveying the menu. Feeling hunger for me at times can be disabling, so I paid no respect to the regular menu which would require way to much in the way of brain power and went straight for the tasting menu. A $25 tasting was the route that most took. Three courses. I started with a mesclun salad, followed by pan seared grouper over a bed of olive quinoa, ending with lychee sorbet.

All the while, two bottles of Côtes du Rhône held vigil at our end of the table. I think I poured my glass exactly twice after the initial pour. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have imbibed so heavily, but it was heavenly. The Wine Market, in addition to the restaurant sells wine and liquor. You can either peruse the wine list or peruse the aisles. You pay market price with only a $9 corkage fee on top. This we like, we like a lot.

The Italian and I decided to end this mid-week alcohol revolution with a spot of grappa. However, the spot was more like several ounces. The price, at $10 a glass was cheaper than most we've seen.

Several of the photos I took during the evening appear as if the camera itself was looking through an inebriated lens. I must admit that my skills are a little fragile under the influence.

The evening lingered nicely. Catching up with friends, enjoying food and wine together, laughing a lot, celebrating…Nights like this need to happen more often.


  1. Boy you are quick with posting Ms. Tracy!! Lychee sorbet sounds really good. That's awesome that their wine pricing with the fee is so reasonable.

  2. If I don't do it first thing in the morning it weighs on me the entire day. :)
    I had never tasted lychee before. It was a nice palate cleanser.

  3. haha, it weighs on you. :-) yeah I'd much rather be blogging right now instead of reviewing data!

  4. I weave it into my workday. I think my manager wouldn't mind. She always wants her staff to nurture their creative side. But, I think I tend to over-nurture. :)


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