September 12, 2009


This morning, between cleaning the house and eating lunch we took a walk around the block to Hoehn's Bakery. Located on the corner of Conkling and Bank streets, Hoehn's bakery is where you go when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Highlandtown Farmer's Market was just wrapping up when we walked through the door of the bakery. The sweets at this point were sparse, but we managed to walk away with six treats in tow for $4. A bargain. Now cake donuts with chocolate icing, jelly filled donuts and apple danish sit humbled by each other under the cake dome.

I am grateful that there are businesses like Hoehn's, The Laughing Pint, Di Pasquale's deli and the Highlandtown Famer's Market all within walking distance. What a gem we have, this little neighborhood of ours.

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