September 18, 2009

Vanilla Cake

I like the idea of the cake dome being empty for one reason, so I can fill it. I'm always in search of that 'perfect recipe', the one that will forever have a place in my recipe box. From the moment I read the ingredients until the moment the KitchenAid beater made it's final revolution I knew this would be one of those recipes.

So, thank you Rachel at rachel eats for this beautiful cake recipe.

My Italian seemed very pleased with the results, as was I. And today when I brought in a healthy portion to share with my co-workers, they stormed the kitchenette.

For me, it's all about simplicity with maximum flavor impact. A vanilla scented cake that requires very little in the way of ingredients or effort, not to mention time in the oven makes for a very happy Amuse-bouche for Two.


  1. A love of simple cake, pasta dinners (with seconds) and well the two Italians in our seems we have much to share.... which is very nice.

  2. It is very nice. Can't wait for your next post. Reading your blog is like reading a good book. :)


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