November 05, 2009

Just a Hummus of Sorts

I wasn't being fussy, but I was fussing about a bit. Trying to remain dignified in light of things, the harsh light of things...overhead kitchen lights, that is. I could make my hummus and I could eat it too. I just couldn't shoot it. That would have to wait for the following morning under sleepy morning light shining through herbs and water pitchers. Again, shining down. It's that sleepy light that I've grown fond of. The kind of light that lazily and hazily pushes about shadows which succumb to naps on the counter space as I view this and that through the viewfinder.

I had been dreaming about a darling of an idea for hummus. After much aggravation and inspiration, I looked within and put down with pen on paper my idea. I concocted a recipe that at first I thought cockeyed. I mean 'Who am I to mockup my very own recipe for hummus?' But I did and this is what I wrote:

Aptly named, Hummus.

12 ounces organic chickpeas
2 tablespoons pesto*
2 tablespoons pine nuts
2 tablespoons parmigiano
Juice of one large lemon
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

I hefted the mighty food processor onto counters top, and with much anticipation dumped everything in. This was, of course, after I had prepped everything. Mise en place, you know. Precision with just enough personal commentary can make for the most delightful end results.

I pulsed...and...pulsed. With rubber spatula I kept the whirring creaminess in check...and...pulsed again.

The moment when I took that first taste was happy and it took much self restraint to keep my finger from scooping up as much as it could muster. I adjusted the salt slightly, gave in to another quick whir and pulse and tasted again. Satisfaction. I transferred the creamy blend into a container and tucked it into the fridge for the night.

This morning, the morning after, I gave myself 15 minutes to point and shoot. With steady hands I constructed what would later become my lunch, hummus on rustic wheat bread.

I was pushed by the idea that this could be done using things we already have in our pantry. Sans the tahini, which it did not need, my Italian inspired hummus turned out better than I expected. My expectations are always a bit hesitant. I've suffered from my cockeyed ideas before. No matter how simple this was I still had fears of failure awash me.

*The pesto wasn't a full blown basil pesto, rather a pesto starter of sorts. The basil, extra virgin olive oil and garlic base we have portioned out in our freezer. Just two cubes which equal about 2 tablespoons, so quite a bit of basil and garlic perfume this hummus.


  1. I think cockeyed ideas are sometimes the nicest.
    Inspired take on hummus.

  2. rachel...I enjoyed every cockeyed bite today along with a bowl of lentil soup made by Roberto's mother. :)

  3. Looks wonderful. This type of thing, with cannellini beans instead also makes a wonderful dip/spread for parties.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic combination to me. The picture, also, is just lovely!

  5. Keswickian...I thought about adding cannellini in with the chickpeas. Next time, perhaps.

    redmenace...I'm bringing again for my lunch on Friday. Cockeyed idea panned out this time. :)

  6. Yes that sounds so delicious and perfect for lunch! where did you get that awesome looking bread tracy?

  7. I like the idea of pesto and hummus. Seems like a nice change on the normal garlic or roasted red pepper variety.

    I'm jealous of your morning light! So lovely in the pictures. Sadly, we face due east and the kitchen is in the back of the house--and I'm never home in time to catch sunlight now.

  8. Elizabeth...believe it or not, this is bread from Giant. Their organic line that you find in the bakery section.

    Beth...what part of Baltimore are you in? We're in Highlandtown (near Canton and Brewers Hill). We've got full sun in the front of the house, our kitchen is in the back as well. I grab all the sunlight I can get from the large window over our kitchen sink.

  9. We're in Patterson Park, quite close to Three...

  10. Beth...we're right around the corner from the Laughing Pint.

  11. Considering I like pesto and hummus... this put together looks like a dream!! I must try it!!


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