November 22, 2009


Warm in the sun, crisp in the shade. A sunny Sunday in late November. I had just gotten home from the market. Milk, bread, eggs, and oranges. I made pancakes and coffee with warm milk. Perhaps it was the smell of butter on the griddle or the dark roast percolating...maybe it was the bright sun pushing its way through the bedroom shades. Whatever it was, it wasn't long before Roberto appeared.

We spent Sunday supper at home. Rare and practically last minute. We managed. We managed very well, indeed. Our fridge rewarded us with a bounty of leftovers and just enoughs to create a zucchini, mushroom, and mozzarella baked pasta. Even the pasta was leftovers and just enoughs. A nice mix of penne and rotini. 'Kitchen sink pasta' Roberto said.

While I milled the tomatoes for the sauce, Roberto threw the zucchini and mushrooms into a pan to sauté. Simply extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Roberto measured out the pasta

I diced the mozzarella.

Roberto stirred the sauce.

I pulled the baking dish from our kitchens underbelly and rinsed it for good measure.

Roberto filled the pasta pot with water.

I stirred the sauce.

It was a kitchen square dance.

We took one final taste of the sauce and pronounced it ready. The water at this point was boiling, so in went the pasta. It wouldn't be long. Just before al dente is what we were going for.

I turned on the oven, 375°.

When the pasta was ready, we drained and transferred to the baking dish which already held a nice layer of sauce. Roberto stirred well. I threw in the vegetables. Roberto added in more sauce. I threw in the cheese (mozzarella and parmesan). We topped with a sprinkling of parsley and fine breadcrumbs.

While the pasta baked, we readied the broccoli for secondi. A nice sauté of blanched florets in extra virgin olive oil with garlic slivers, salt and pepper. Eaten with warmed ciabatta.

We made just enough to both enjoy seconds, but sadly we only have enough for one bowl each tonight. Poor us, we say.

It was delicious. It really was. 'We need to do this more often' I said.

And the light streaming into the was beautiful. :)


  1. Tracy, do you think Roberto could teach The Mistah how to do these things? Because I would love having someone to dosey-do me around the kitchen.

  2. This really made me smile, the idea of your square dance around the kitchen.
    Lovely lovely supper...wish we lived round the corner from each other.

  3. Ah sweet-one pot meals and using up stuff from the fridge! Makes me so happy being that thrifty and not letting fresh food go to waste, which is a crying shame!

  4. Sounds absolutely delicious! I always feel so proud when I manage to prepare a wonderful meal out of leftovers! Your simple broccoli dish sounds wonderful!

  5. might be as easy as just identifying what both of your strengths are in the kitchen and just going from there. That's when the natural rhythm occurs.

    rachel...same here. :) always creates the best tasting meals. I love how you repurposed the egg whites in your latest post to create angel food cake.

    Jennie...thanks! Roberto's mother gifted us the broccoli. She had some extra. We ate every last bit.

  6. the square dance made me smile after a long day. thank you!

  7. what a wonderful scene and perfect sunday!

  8. Lovely post as always. Wonderful meal :)

  9. Beth...I'm glad it made you smile. :) was a perfect Sunday. It's nice to be able to just spend the day at home with no plans other than making good food and relaxing the day away.

    Ellie...thank you. :) I want to try to replicate the baked dish this coming Sunday...but with the additon of a little ground meat in the mix. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

  10. Lovely photographs, lovely writing, great food.

    Love how you guys are always milling tomatoes. That seems so Italian to me. :-)

  11. Julie...thanks. :)

    It's very Italian. In fact, Roberto's father brought the mill back from Italy five years ago. It was my introduction to the Italian kitchen. I've never looked back.


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