December 17, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

A table set in preparation for dinner.

Roberto cracking pepper into a pan.

A little bit of pasta left in the pot ending up on my plate, dressed with a disproportionate amount of sauce.

Ten boxes for $10.

A fresh bag of oily beans from my favorite local roaster.

Summer figs.

A blue sky rushing towards the city.


  1. Tracy-Zeke's and Fayette! Two of my favorite too!

  2. lovely things all of them. Love the boxes of pasta, thats a serious habit.

  3. Tracy, those are very good things indeed.

  4. Love those pictures. You make me smile Tracy.

  5. Awesome list and photographs too!

  6. Beth...I had a feeling you'd know it was Fayette. I take it every single day, twice a day. Unfortunately I can't say the same about Zeke's. I'd be a hysterical caffeinated mess, but it's so good. :)

    rachel...we often find ourselves asking "when's the last time we didn't have pasta?" appears are blogs were synchronistic this week. :)

    alexandria... :)

  7. I think I would be a hysterical under-caffinated mess without Zeke's. I don't make it much beyond 9am without a cup (or two) ;-)


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