December 05, 2009

Saturday Supper

The sound of snow, the sound of silence. A cold Saturday in early December. The sky, a murky, whitish gray. Undulating precipitation. Undershirts, overshirts, flannel and warm socks. Hot coffee, toast...more toast.

A fully stocked pantry. A trip to the market the day before will tide us over until Sunday farmers market. A late lunch of eggs over easy conversing with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. A crusty baguette, toasted. A nap. Miscellaneous chores.

Conversation accompanied by waning daylight.

I say 'What about this?'

He says 'And this.'

I say 'You genius.'

He says 'It was your idea.'

I say 'Yes, but you took it over the edge with the addition of mushrooms and cream.'

Does one require a recipe? One does not. Neither does two.

We lead our empty stomachs to the kitchen. Rigatoni. Bacon. Garlic. Shallot. Crushed red pepper. Button mushrooms. Arugula. Cream. Toasted bread crumbs. Parsley. That requisite dusting of Parmesan.

My fretting...'I fear you're about to tell me something I don't want to hear...that we've finished everything...that there will be no second helping.'

His reassurance...'I think there's a little left in the pan.'

There's always a little left. We try to make less, but it never works out that way. We always make just enough, plus a little extra.

Espresso and maple cookies. Sated.

A cold nose. Cold fingers. A sweater missing a button. Snow rocketing to the ground. Shelter inside a collection of short stories, a cup of hot tea and a warm throw.

A cold Sunday to follow with the promise of polenta.


  1. Such a beautiful way to capture yesterday :-)

    Polenta! Please post your technique--polenta has always been in my fail category, but I love it so I keep trying.

  2. Snow !
    Sounds like a very good combination and thus a very good dish of pasta.
    The weather is strange here, rain, humidity, cold, sun, jacket, coat, no coat. All very uncertain. One thing is certain however and that is that it is the season for polenta.
    Choc Mousse making tomorrow, all ingredients in fridge.

  3. What a wonderful day! You two seem to be a perfect match. No snow here today, but I'm so cold--brrrrrr.

  4. Love reading your post. Nice summary of your yesterday. Lovely simple pasta dish that is full of great flavours.

  5. Beth...thank you. :) I'm sure I'll be posting polenta soon. So many cold days ahead...

    rachel...anxious to hear about your mousse making... was a very nice day. :)

    Ellie...thank you. :)

  6. Oh what a wonderful day to spend inside looking outside at the snow! You guys are so cute. Damn you and your pasta posts Tracy! (no pasta for me tonight..more pork tenderloin and brussel sprouts! ha!)

  7. Aw this post makes my heart hurt (my sweetie is away). Winter is not a season anyone should have to spend alone. What a lovely dish on a cold snowy day.


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