February 15, 2010

Friday, I Bought Tulips

Sunday, I bought more tulips.

Monday, I came home to a feast fueled by simplicity.

Toasted bread (leftovers and ends we could not let go to waste).

Olives (Roberto made a trip to our neighborhood Italian deli—and a second trip when I asked him to pick up ladyfingers for a dessert I'm preparing on Saturday—who needs Valentine's day?).


Homemade dry cured sausage.

A freshly opened bottle of red wine.

Chicken cutlets with a layer of prosciutto cooked with olive oil, butter, white wine, shallots, garlic, thyme, capers and parsley.

There was a lovely mixed green salad (it is ubiquitous).

Yes, even some sweet corn from a can (a touch of suppertime nostalgia).

No pasta, but there was chocolate cake accompanied by our nightly coffee fix.

But, before that, a handful of mixed nuts...just to help finish off the bread and wine (in our glasses, not the bottle).

I broke a small plate.

Dropped my mobile on the tile, the battery popped out.

Butter fingers.

As I type, snow is finally being removed from our street. It only took over a week.


  1. Beautiful simplicity. I love it. :-) And your tulips are gorgeous and so cheery. :-)

  2. Sounds like a perfectly lovely evening. I'm so jealous of the olives, the coffee, and especially the snow!

  3. Tulips are definitely needed to add a bit of spring, especially when the snow has hung around longer than is expected/ wanted/ necessary. A delicious supper indeed!

  4. it looks like every dinner at your place is a wonderful tête à tête....

  5. What a wonderful and delicious way to start the week.

  6. Tracy, those tulips would almost make me forget about the piles and piles of snow outside of my house.

  7. Tart - I wish I could buy fresh tulips every day. :)

    Kelsey - I'd be happy to ship you some snow. :)

    Kath - The tulips are really helping to brighten the mood. It's so gray outside, so bitter. We can't wait for Spring.

    Elisabelle - It is. We love coming home to the kitchen, creating a meal to wind down to. :)

    Michele - It was. Our bellies were full...even without pasta. ;)

    Wendi - That's why we have a vase is in the kitchen window. It's hard looking past them, so I'm able to forget the mountains of snow for a little while, anyway.

  8. I am always cheered, this time of year, by a pot of tulips. (and, that chicken cutlet is no slouch, either!) Spring will get here; it always does. Thank goodness that while harsh, February is also brief. (We've had a lot of snow for Nashville---but nothing compared to you guys.)

    This is an especially lovely photo essay.

  9. Tulips are wonderful cheery spring things I totally understand the need for tulips. Looking forward to saturday....

  10. Nancy - Your comment cheered me up. Spring will come. :)

    Keswickian - I think they might be my favorite flower. See you Saturday!

  11. Your chicken cutlet is so beautiful. I really should not read your blog before eating lunch...

  12. This looks like the absolute perfect meal.

  13. I love tulips, white ones especially. Sometimes, simplicity is the best.

  14. Denise - Food blogs are dangerous that way. :)

    Lindsey - Everything was really good. It's nice to take a break from pasta every once in a while. :)

    Ellie - White tulips are lovely. I've been a sucker for orange ones lately.

  15. hello
    I love the tulips....did I tell you we had snow here in Rome - probably, I am becoming a snow bore. I also love your kitchen notes. Chicken looks very very good.

  16. alexandria - :)

    rachel - I wish I could ship you some of our snow, although it's not pristine white anymore, but a sludgy brownish-grey. Baltimore has had more snow than any other city in the U.S. this year so far. Tensions are rising. I must admit I lost my temper with a man who blocked our alley with his vehicle yesterday evening. The snow and I are not friends right now.

  17. yay for tulips and a lovely mix of snacks! and even more yay to being able to drive on your street again!

  18. Elizabeth - Happy to have a plowed street, but the city streets are driving this once calm and collected Pickle into a mad woman. :)

  19. Home cured sausage? Did you guys do that? I'm impressed. And that chicken looks delicious. Oh, and I love that factoid about Baltimore having had more snow this year than any city in the US. (Although I am sort of over living the factoid.) Glad your street finally (FINALLY!)got plowed!

  20. Julie - Roberto's father makes it with a friend of his. We asked for spicy this year and it's SPICY (must be eaten with a dairy product spicy). I heard the Baltimore snow fact today at work. I'm over living the factoid as well. :)

  21. Very nice post... simple and warm! have a nice one!

  22. this pizza looks wonderful!!!!
    thanks for your word and your comfort!


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