May 23, 2010

Happy Accidents


And the weather man cried wolf.

It was after much attention, a good garden feeding, that we drew ourselves back into the house. The Sunday evening light swept in with the breeze. Quiet.

The tin man sleeps. Our ghetto pot, now back into rotation. We thought all had been lost, but after months of rest, its health appears restored. Joints a little wobbly, but all heart. The best coffee we've had in ages.

I hear the ice cream truck..."Boing. Thwack—thwack...HELL-Owe!"

Birds singing.

Good sleeping weather.

Loading the Canon into iPhoto I notice the curtains dancing. My aprons hanging, unflappable on the dryer rack. Wallflowers. Some time later, as I write, they get up the courage to move, swaying back and forth.

A twisted river of words. Pause. Contemplation. Pause. Publish Post.


  1. I'm all for great tasting coffee, lazy sunday afternoons and sleeping weather....simply put...perfect day :)

  2. Beautiful ending to a beautiful weekend.

  3. In love with this post...perfect!!!!

  4. Isn't that what weekends are all about? I love sharing those few special moments with you Tracy and seeing things through your eyes. Thanks a lot.

  5. A welcome twisted river. I like the wallflowers deciding to dance with each other. Perfect solution.

  6. I do so love your aprons hanging there, Tracy. :-) I just hung mine up in my little kitchen and they please me every day. :-)


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