June 01, 2010

Leftovers for Sandwich


The bread needs to cradle its contents.


In and out. In and out. I played musical chairs. A spell beneath the awning. A spell at the kitchen table. A spell back outside. I'm starving. The grill was hot, HOT. The paint beneath flaked and flew away, small and large, like a flock of blackbirds. The dog panted profusely, cooling her belly on any bit of shaded concrete she could find.

"Charcoal is better than gas." Someone said. We all said.

On went the eggplant.

"It's done already?" I asked. Roberto handed me the tray of eggplant. Once inside Roberto's mother coated with olive oil, salt, parsley and a reserved shake or two of dried oregano.

"Taste it." She said.

"It's good." I said.

On went the onions.

"It's done already?" I asked. I helped remove the onions from the grill basket. Once inside I coated with olive oil and salt.

On went the goat ribs. On went the steaks. On went the hotdogs.

I made potato salad. It sat fighting for position on an overwhelmed kitchen table surrounded three generations strong.

"The only way to eat a hot dog is with mustard." I said. I also lean towards raw onion, but there was no raw onion, so the only way to eat a hot dog is with mustard. Words of wisdom from someone who only eats a hot dog once, maybe twice a year.

"There's no room for salad." I said. Our plates runneth over with meat.

The day was capped off with slices of homemade apple cake and a round of single espressos.

Our second day without pasta. Can you imagine?

A quarter watermelon (not very sweet—not quite in season) and leftover peppers made their way home with us. As Roberto napped, I prepped our Tuesday lunch. Baguette with leftover mozzarella and peppers. I sliced and hollowed out, because the bread needs to cradle its contents. Come Tuesday at noon the bread should be nice and damp from the overnight olive oil soak. The mozzarella will be tattooed with red and green from the peppers, infused with a subtle hint of garlic.


I should have made myself a bigger sandwich.


  1. these sandwich photos make me sooooo hungry....now I'll have to make something similar for lunch, otherwise won't be able to stop thinking about it ;)

    if it comes to hot dogs....well, I eat them as often as you do but fully agree on mustard....they have to be eaten with mustard!!!

    any signs of withdrawal from not eating pasta???

  2. Absolutely gorgeous sandwich, Amuse! :-) I just love your stories of daily life, and look forward to them every day. :-)

  3. Two days without pasta? I don't believe it! I have strong "Chicago" hot dog opinions and I never eat hot dogs, well, once in a while, but it's so rare. Anyway, I understand having an opinion, even if it is not a staple in your diet.

  4. Who has room for salad? A barbeque is all about meat and more meat surely? Goat ribs - not had them before.

  5. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. What delicious photos - just yummy and fresh! Loved it! Ciao, bella!

  6. Two days without pasta??? :-P I love me a hotdog with Nathan's mustard. perfect memorial day fare.

  7. That beautiful sandwich certainly makes me hungry. Goat ribs? Now I must try them!

  8. M. - Great pasta withdrawal. Tonight we made linguine with pesto. The best linguine with pesto we have ever eaten (spoken by someone suffering from pasta withdrawal).

    Tart - Thank you. The sandwich was so good. If only I had written more, much more. There was so much ordinary wonder on Monday. Worthy of lengths, but I didn't want to bore.

    Denise - Once or twice a year I allow high fructose corn syrup ball park franks into my belly. I dive head first with eyes closed, yipping and yelling with childhood glee (I can be so dramatic).

    Kath - Goat ribs are very good, Kath. If you can find a nice goat, grill away!

    Frog Hollow Farm Girl - It was a much needed, highly anticipated Tuesday after Memorial Day cubicle lunch. Very good indeed.

    Elizabeth - I hope you had a great holiday! :)

    Michele - Do try! It smells wonderful coming off the grill. Just the usual, salt, pepper, parsley, olive oil. Delicious.

  9. Your photographs glisten with taste and texture. They make me wish I was there--luckily, your crisp writing makes me feel like I was. ;)

  10. Jenious - Thank you :) Grateful for good food and the daylight to shoot it in.

  11. Great pics. I find my leftovers that are later made into sandwiches are often far more popular than the original dish. I love sandos!

  12. And a great photo shoot again! What a good little camera that canon is! I love the idea of natural light and no flash, too. :) Lunch looks delicious! (oh...and like I told Counting Dandelions...I use to only knit scarves until I ventured out of my comfort zone...good things tend to happen when I do that!)

  13. I love that you hallow out your bread. I do it too and my husband whines. But how else is the bread supposed to hold onto the stuff in the middle??? This looks so yummy... I adore an overnight sandwich. And your pictures make me want to eat it right now!

  14. Dang, girl, that's one nice cradle of a sandwich. And what a grill-out feast. Beautiful work. Curious about those goat ribs...

  15. Melange a Trois - I agree. Leftovers make for the best sandwiches. I was pretty happy (I contained it) when Roberto's mother forced the peppers on us.

    Amber - Thanks :) You are right, good things happen when one goes outside of their comfort zone.

    Katie - I was schooled that hollowing out the bread is the only way to make a proper sandwich. I have never turned back :)

    nancy - Goat is delicious. Tracking it down might be the hardest part. They love a simple marinade and grill up in no time.

  16. I want that sandwich right now, darnit, though I would be so tempted to press it into oblivion despite it being hot and muggy out today.

  17. So glad you found my blog so that i could find yours. i like how at your house there is always a story with the food...or food with a story. at my house, though...the story wouldn't be as lovely with comments from two picky children! i can't wait for your next post! i'm still thinking about that delicious sandwich!

  18. elizabeth - Now that you mention it, a good press would be rather genius. :)

    counting dandelions - Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment :)

  19. Wow, two days without pasta, I'd be having withdrawal symptoms, although I've managed a day myself today. That's a mean sandwich there and You've inspired me to make more interesting ones; incidentally, I always regret not having made a bigger sandwich at lunchtime.


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