June 13, 2010

Topped and Toasted



Moments before Sunday supper, an impromptu olive oil tasting. The vessel, an old white wine bottle with a homemade label, corked. From Tuscany.

I sliced a bit of bread. Roberto poured just enough into the shallow center of an espresso saucer.

I hesitated, but knew the truth that had just landed on my tongue. "This is GOOD."

"This IS good." Roberto agreed. "Let's try the others."

Two more shallow pours into the centers of two more espresso saucers. One from the Chelsea market. Fruity with a peppery finish. One from the supermarket. Good, but mellow. A good salad oil.



"I'm starving." I said.

"I'm hungry too." He said.

I stood waiting at the top of the stairs.

"Should we eat now or grab something while we're out?" He asked.

"We should eat here. It will be crap if we go anywhere." I said.

Gently scrambled eggs on toasted bread with a slice of cheddar. Enough to push us through errands, just enough.



Tart dough chilled. For sweet, not savory (I made a cherry tart).

It was meant to be a tart. I had every intention of making this tart, but I made bruschetta instead.


A slather of dijon mustard.

Slices of cherry tomato.

Clumps, lovely clumps of goat cheese.




The toaster oven went through two cycles. Ding. Ding. I let it sit for a moment more before I opened the door. Just right.

Eaten quickly. Fuel for housecleaning. I should have made more.


  1. That looks like heaven. Absolute heaven. Are you available for hire to be my personal chef??!?!?! ;-)

  2. A sweet and savory hello from Frog Hollow Farm. Famous last words: "I should have made more!" LOL - thanks for sharing and inspiring, as always! Ciao, bella!

  3. oh... that looks so good!
    have you seen this recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/05/shaved-asparagus-pizza/. i have to try this too!

  4. Beautiful! And congrats on your one year anniversary!

  5. All the toppings are so my kind of ingredients. I make so many dishes with those ingredients, especially summer time. Love your writing style. It has really developed into something very special! Love to stop by here - I really should do it more often. See you soon!

  6. Gorgeous photos.Truly make me want to take a bite. So funny that we always seem to be on the same food wavelength.

  7. Don't feel guilty about not making that tart - there's other opportunities for that and frankly, when you can make something as amazing as this bruschetta, what's there to regret (apart from not having made bigger quantities)? I so wanna make that asparagus pizza Elisabelle is recommending too.

  8. Your brushetta looks delicious and the photos capture it beautifully - you are turning into quite a lovely photographer, you images so much more interesting and evocative than all the boring, super pretty pictures around.
    I want bruschetta , oh and that savory tart

  9. oh really my spelling - BRUSCHETTA - i will now write this out 100 times

  10. Megan Rose - Hmmm, personal chef...do you think you'd like eating pasta every day? :)

    Frog Hollow Farm Girl - I think I say that a lot. In fact, I know I do. :)

    Elisabelle - I think I have seen that recipe...but I will go and reinvestigate. Pizza :)

    Nicollete - Thank you :)

    tiina - I think I lean towards bright acidic puckery bold tasting things. This was right up my alley. Anxious to make it again. Next time as a tart, as intended. Thanks for stopping by :)

    Michele - Great minds :)

    Vanessa - Oh, all this talk of pizza. Roberto dangled the pizza carrot under my nose last night, but it never came to be. Instead we ate cold cereal. :)

    rachel - I am rather matter of fact when it comes to my food photos. I try to keep it simple and authentic. When I have tried to stage things...well, it looks staged and horribly wrong. Thank you for the compliment. It means a great deal. Now about that misspelling, let's pretend it never happened :)

  11. GORGEOUS sandwich, Tracy. Mmm, I love toasted sandwiches so much. Toasting takes any ingredients from mundane to sublime. :-)

  12. How do you always manage to make the simplest foods so amazing? Your photos are so lovely, and my mouth is now watering!

  13. Tart - I agree :)

    Katie - Thank you. We love simplicity. :)


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