July 24, 2010

Saturday Market


One block over, two blocks down...

Loads of tomatoes. Blackberries. Cantaloupe. Plums.

Fresh donuts from the bakery. Coffees from Zeke's. Whole bean Tell Tale Dark (ode to our man, Poe).

Oppressive heat.



  1. yay, farmers market!
    went today, too
    bought exactly the same produce
    can't wait to enjoy my loads of tomatoes, they're so beautiful

  2. Tracy, for being strong enough to brave the heat at the market this morning you deserve to enjoy every bit of that beautiful produce.

  3. Beautiful photos. Lovely produce. The tomatoes I bought this morning still taste lik hothouse tomatoes to me. Where are the lucious vine ripened beauties? Coming?

  4. I like the first picture so much. Good looking tomatoes, wow, so dark.

  5. Hi! I just love farm markets - I almost start hyperventilating whenever I find a good one! Our garden is beginning to produce tomatoes (several varieties), zucchini (check out my latest post to see the monster zucchini), flat Romano green beans, beets, and lots of different herbs. Our blackberries aren't ready yet - they need to be really squishy before they are ready to pick. Ciao, bella!

  6. I love these photos. I'm sad I missed the weekend market this weekend because I was out of town. It is Sunday night, but I am already looking forward to next weekend.

  7. M. - We hit two markets this weekend, despite the heat. It is quite nice coming home to a bounty of ripe, bursting sweet tomatoes :)

    Wendi - Tomatoes are like candy right now. I hope you're enjoying them as well, Wendi.

    Michele - I hope they appear soon for you. We are enjoying many many many. Along with silver queen corn...the best of summer in MD.

    Elisabelle - I hope you have beautiful tomatoes in France as well.

    rachel - I have to keep myself from buying millions at a time :)

    Frog Hollow Farm Girl - You are so lucky to have a bountiful garden. Ours has suffered greatly this year from the heat. Sad, really.

    Lindsey - The best part about Summer, being able to look forward to next weekends farmers market :)

  8. I love your fresh summer produce... the purple cherry tomatoes are beautiful! I've only tried them from TJ's (and loved them) - I imagine your farmer's market variety are better.

  9. Ohhhh, I'm SO glad to be back reading your blog again, Tracy! I've missed your wonderful photos and inspiring words. :-)

  10. Summer produce is such a beautiful thing. I like those lemons hiding beneath your plums.

  11. Summer's Bounty! You are lucky to have a market within such close proximity.

    Great pictures!

  12. laura - The purple cherry have been amazing. In fact, all of the tomatoes have been spot on so far. Can't wait for next weekends market.

    Rambling Tart - Thank you :)

    Denise - I knew you'd notice the lemons :)

    The girl behind the blog - It's a nice little market. Only bad thing is it doesn't start until the second weekend in July. Anxiously we await every year.

  13. oppressive heat, true----but look at this exciting market bounty!

    makes summer wonderful

  14. I am WITH you!!!
    I have been enjoying tomatoes, blackberries and all the other wonderful summer gifts :)

  15. Gosh I love those multicolored cherry tomatoes. There is nothing better in summer!


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