August 14, 2010

Quebec City: Marché du Vieux-Port


"It says here that it's near the train station." I said.


Lower town, 160 quai Saint-André (near the train station), Lower Town.

Frommer's Montréal and Quebec City 2010
Marché du Vieux-Port

By the water near the train station, this market is a year-round operation that blossoms in spring and summer with farmers' bounty from Île d'Orléans and beyond. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, you'll find relishes, jams, honey, wines, meats, cheeses, and handicrafts.


For a moment I wished that we were back home and that this was our market day.


"It's so unfair." I said.

"What?" He asked.

"This." I said.


  1. This! is a place I want to visit sometime this lifetime, hope you two are enjoying your holiday.

    wonderful looking market....

  2. Beautiful! Hope that you are enjoying and recharging. It is always fun to visit markets wherever one travels.

  3. I love Montreal. I went last summer and didn't visit this market, but I loved the Jean Talon market soooooo much. It was perfect.

  4. I'm planning a trip to Montreal this fall. I've never been--you should send me all your picks for visiting!

  5. I love visiting farmers markets when I travel :)

  6. The market looks bustling and happy, what a fun place to visit while you travel. It reminds me of the indoor/outdoor market in San Francisco near the water. Looks like you had fun in Montreal, I'm excited to hear more about it!

  7. Denise - Fun, but exhausting. Need another vacation.

    nancy - I'm glad we went. It was beautiful and the weather was just right.

    Michele - We always seem to find the markets on our very last day and at the busiest time.

    kickpleat - I think all markets in Canada must be wonderful. We found a great one in Toronto years ago. Had the best espresso.

    Lindsey - The Frommer's book is great. Our trip was centered around Quebec City this time, but we're hoping for a trip to Montreal sometime in the near future.

    M. - We do too. It's great seeing all of the different produce in season. We saw tons of blueberries. It was sad to leave empty handed.

    Nicolette - We have ideas about visiting San Francisco as well. I've been only once (very long time ago) and would love to see it again, especially the markets. So many places to see!

  8. My husband tells me he adores Quebec City! I want to go! Lovely market pics!


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