September 30, 2010

Penne and Cauliflower


Shadows and light. Autumn.


"What's in the oven?"

"I'm roasting cauliflower."

Olive oil, coarse salt and cracked black pepper. It tastes so good, raw like this.

30 minutes (total) under the broiler. 15 minutes. Pull out pan. Redistribute cauliflower. Rotate pan. 15 minutes more. Al dente perfection.

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. Pasta with cauliflower and bacon." Roberto's ears perked up. His eyes brightened.

"Cauliflower's good for you."

"We have cream too."

"A touch of cream would be nice."


Tiina's post was a divine postcard. My stomach growled, wish you were here. The answer to that ever-plaguing question, what's for dinner, answered.


"How do you think nutmeg would taste?"


"Should we?"

"Give it a go."

I grated cautiously. Roberto inspected the flecks as they fell. "That's good." He said.

I tapped the nutmeg against the grater.

It was one of two substitutions (nutmeg in lieu of lemon and penne in lieu of pappardelle). Our only omission, pumpkin seeds (which we didn't have).

It's really starting to feel like Fall. Smell like Fall. Taste like Fall.


  1. I love the fall, especially as it's a cosy place to keep warm. Anything with pasta and cauliflower is a winner. I can already imagine the crispness of the bacon, the crunch of the cauliflower and the cheesy pasta. I'd say you have the right instincts to make it through the cold evenings!

  2. This is brilliant and a lovely way to enter Autumn. It's been a while since I've made penne and to use these added ingredients sounds just right. Beautiful photos too!

  3. This sounds like exactly what I need on a wet day like today. Must print and try.

  4. oh, this sounds so delicious, very autumn-like,
    love the touch of nutmeg :)

  5. Everything is better with bacon and, of course, cream. A perfect dish for fall. I love roasted cauliflower but my broiler skills are lacking.

  6. Bacon, cream, nutmeg, roasted cauliflower - why not? everything is improved with bacon and cream :)

  7. It's really Fall-ish here today. I love roasted cauliflower and your use of nutmeg is absolutely Perfect for this dish.

  8. Oh so good! It's funny. I never used to like cauliflower until I found the roasting technique. It tastes so great this way. No more smelly feet! Your pasta dish sounds wonderful. Lucky man of yours....

  9. I am really start to appreciate fall; probably due to the fact that I have been indulging in all it wonderful food bounty. This looks lovely!


  10. sounds lovely! never one for cauliflower, I think the addition of bacon could get me to eat just about anything. yum.

    I adore Tiina's blog, too.

  11. Your instincts sound spot-on with that nutmeg. It is, indeed, feeling quite fall-ish. I noticed today that our radiators are warm for the first time this season. I guess it's that time.

  12. Penne pasta is my favorite. And cauliflower is also a fave... yum yum yum!

  13. I love roasted caulflower. Roasted veggies scream fall to me, and this sounds amazing. The cauliflower totally balances out the cream and bacon! Yum!

  14. Thanks for the sweet mention♥ Nutmeg sounds wonderful with the dish. I love to come to visit here and I always leave inspired. Your posts make my days brighter! xx

  15. Thank you for this fantastic recipe!
    I discovered roasted cauliflower only a few years ago and have at times eaten it simply right out of the oven, where I roasted it with a handful of Italian parsley leaves and crushed garlic cloves and olive oil. Your pasta dish will be on my fall menu, thank you! :-)

  16. I like the idea of adding nutmeg - I really like the idea of the nutmeg in fact and will be trying it this week now I'm finally back cooking and pasta with brocolli or cauliflower is on heavy rotation. The choice of pasta is as Vincenzo always says - fondamentale. I often make bad choices apparently.

  17. Roasted cauliflower is longstanding favorite. But no one's ever whispered cream, nutmeg, and bacon in the same sentence. Oh, my.

  18. This looks incredible, I am such a sucker for cauliflower. When I was a kid and still hated most vegetables, the only thing my parents could get me to eat was cauliflower. This pasta looks divine and I will be making it very soon. Lovely blog by the way!

  19. oh creamy delicious cozy fall comfort-ness!!!


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