September 17, 2010



Jamie's Italy


First, make the sauce.


I couldn't help but taste. Over and over.

Olive oil. Onion. Garlic. Dry oregano. Tomatoes. Coarse salt. Cracked black pepper. Parsley. Red wine vinegar.

It reduced. Note how it sticks to the spoon...


"I like ours better." I said.

"Yes, but it's nice to change things up. It's good." He said.

"It is good." I said.

I worried over the oregano. Would it taste like pizza sauce?

"It's subtle." He said.

The tension lifted from my shoulders. My face relaxed.

He (Jamie) wanted me to use four cloves of garlic.

"Four!" I said.

I used one nice-sized clove. 

"I used things in proportion to, relative to, the can of tomatoes. Four would have been too much." I said.


  1. I agree with Roberto, it's always good to change things up a bit :)

    love the gorgeous red color of this sauce, yum!

  2. M - It was intensely red. I love a good red sauce :)

  3. Looks amazing! Since I'm half Sicilian, I wouild have used four cloves, plus crushed red pepper. We're wild like that :)

  4. I am glad you went with what you thought best in the end. It looks delicious.

  5. If your photos are any indication, as I'm sure they are, that intense red sauce sure hits the spot!

  6. Such delectable colors, Tracy!! :-) Haven't had a good red sauce in a while and you've inspired me. :-) I'm afraid I'd have to go with the four garlic cloves though. I'm crazy about garlic. :-)

  7. Tracy, I would love to try your red sauce. Because every time I make homemade sauce I always feel like it's a let down. And I know it could be so much better.

  8. Warm red sauce on this rainy day sounds perfect. Gorgeous shots to boot!

  9. I just love the pictures here (particulary the first one) and I like our jamie sync. But four - Mr Oliver I mean really!

  10. that red is an absolute knock-out!! it is fun to change things up, with the sauces, from time to time...


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