January 14, 2011

The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden


On this morning there was brioche and red raspberry preserve and the eggs were boiled and there was a pat of butter that melted as they stirred them and salted them lightly and ground pepper over them in the cups. They were big eggs and fresh and the girl's were not cooked quite as long as the young man's. He remembered that easily and he was happy with his which he diced up with the spoon and ate with only the flow of the butter to moisten them and the fresh early morning texture and the bite of the coarsely ground pepper grains and the hot coffee and the chickory-fragrant bowl of café au lait.

– Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden, Book One


At the cafe he found the morning paper and the Paris papers of the day before and had his coffee and milk and the Bayonne ham with a big beautifully fresh egg that he ground coarse pepper over sparsely and spread a little mustard on before he broke the yolk. When Catherine had not come and her egg was in danger of getting cold he ate it too, swabbing the flat dish clean with a piece of the fresh baked bread.

– Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden, Book Two


It was very large firm gray caviar and Catherine dipped it onto the pieces of thin toast.

– Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden, Book Three


Marita took a handful of radishes and ate them slowly and drank some wine. The radishes were young and crisp and sharp with flavor.

– Ernest Hemmingway, The Garden of Eden, Book Four


  1. Thanks for this nice break in the day, Tracy. (For a second, I thought that was a flask in that top photo. Now I realize it's probably an alarm clock.)

  2. I haven't read this Hemingway but oh how wonderfully he writes. These beautiful photos are the perfect complement and it's a great way to wake up on Saturday morning.

  3. Now I'm in a mood to read some Hemingway this weekend, and eat a runny, gooey egg.


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