February 27, 2011

Apples and Crumble

Apples and Crumble


A crisp.


Six apples (peeled and sliced), a teaspoon cinnamon, two tablespoons raw sugar and one generous squeeze of lemon (tossed in a large bowl with clean hands).

Three quarters cup whole wheat flour, one stick unsalted butter, one teaspoon salt, one quarter cup dark brown sugar, one half cup raw sugar (cut until crumbly). One cup old fashioned oats (stirred in and then clump and crumbled more with clean hands).

Eight by eight square dish. Bottom layer, apples. Top layer, crumble (two thirds—one third frozen for another time).

375 degrees. 55 minutes.

The apples sunk. The crumble browned.


  1. I want this so hard. I wish the apples were good right now or else I'd make this sometime this week.

  2. Your photos are making my mouth water and I can almost smell the cinnamon. There is something about an apple crisp that just makes me feel so very happy.

  3. Gorgeous, my mouth is watering at the sight. Pass me the cold cream or the warm custard - I don't mind which.

  4. Lovely! Cannot go wrong with a crumble or a crisp; I love to experiment with topping combinations and never seem to use the same one twice.

  5. Michele – We've been very much in need of it lately.

    elizabeth - Mediocre apples might do...

    Julie - Me too :)

    Denise - :)

    Kath - Warm custard sounds good...

    Nancy - I'm the same way with toppings. I use whatever I've got on hand and it always seems to work.

  6. That is so welcoming and comforting, Tracy. I'm so glad you had this to cheer your heart. :-)

  7. I had apple crumble for the first time a few months ago, and I had a real moment of shame for having missed out so many years. I think that you posted this is yet another sign: I need to make some!


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