February 20, 2011

Side by Side

Side by Side




"How many...one?" The owner of the deli asked?

"Three." I replied.

But I had overestimated.

I clutched the three baguettes, still warm from the oven. Roberto paid, and we made our way back home.


Blood Oranges and Fennel


Blood oranges and a bulb of fennel. A transition course. Something to cleanse the pallet. Side by side. Together, but not. Some might take blood orange. Some might take fennel. If you're like me, you'll take both.

I peeled and sliced. Dabbed away excess liquid and layered. Covered and chilled.


Into the Evening


It was ten past one by the time our heads hit the pillow. We fell right to sleep. Exhausted from a day of chores and prep. Cooking. Eating. Drinking. Laughing.

I was rinsing some dishes when I noticed the conversation in the next room bounce and reverberate until my ears were pierced with high volume.

I looked over at Roberto. "I guess they don't need us." I said smiling, trying to contain my laughter.

"I guess not." Roberto laughed.

Roberto cut the string away from the pork roast in preparation for slicing while the pan gravy reheat over a low flame. I proceeded to dress the salad.




A quiet Sunday morning. Scones. Whole wheat maple (because whole wheat makes them good—better for us) with pecan. Redemption from an evening of excess...Dessert excess. Cannoli (half for me, half for Roberto) and a slice of homemade chocolate cake (two uneven layers rehabbed with a heavy dose of chocolate frosting).

Yes, redemption from a scone and coffee.

I hope Monday morning redemption tastes this good.


  1. What a lovely weekend and what a gorgeous paisley cloth. I am very jealous of your linen drawer.

  2. redemption... what a good way to redeem yourself from a perfect week-end. BTW, I could eat a whole warm baguette in one standing :)

  3. My redemption from my pasta all'amatriciana at lunch is just roasted vegetables for dinner. (Oh, and from the 3/4 of a crostata I've eaten this weekend) It was all worth it...
    That palate cleanser looks so wonderful! I should do that next time I over indulge my guests. :)

  4. Redemption like that is heavenly. :-) I had whole wheat scone redemption myself this Sunday. It was perfection. :-)

  5. This looks so perfect for late winter/early spring. Redemption sure is sweet :)

  6. Redemption with scones for breakfast, I like that! :-)

  7. stunning colors, side-by-side-
    the rhythm and joy of your posts always comes through, and
    i love the shock of color of a blood orange.

  8. Kath - It was a good find, that cloth. Just $16 US dollars.

    Amelia - Me too...bread is a weakness :)

    Nicole - You eat very well. It's inspiring :)

    Tart - They just taste so good!

    Nicolette - Ah, Spring...I cannot wait.

    Merisi - A granola bar would have been pure punishment ;)

    nancy - I'm in love with blood oranges right now.

  9. I am suffering from a serious citrus addiction. Your blood oranges look so wonderful. I might have to make a run to the market.

  10. How did you take that last shot?

  11. Denise - I have that same addiction.

    madebyfrances – Nothing fancy. Just an overhead, hand-held experiment using the miniature setting on my Canon. While I find that setting at times rather creepy, if positioned right, the colors are remarkably rich and the resulting photo has that macro-ish feel to it. Tricky though, the line between clarity and blur is very defined...

  12. lovely green tablecloth. and i am now craving a hearty maple pecan scone!


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