June 27, 2011

At Table. In Garden.

At Table. In Garden.


Saturday Evening


I opened the ice box only to find the lid covering the pizza dough ajar. With hours to go before dinner I was feeling a bit nervous. I could've placed it into a larger bowl, but I punched it down instead.


"We can eat spicy pasta every night." I said.


Farmer's Market, Sunday


Market raspberries, $3.

I had picked out two containers and handed them over to the woman helping me. "Do you want to just dump them into the bag?" I asked.

"They'll get mashed." She said.

I was hoping she'd say that.

She placed the two containers side by side into the bag, gingerly. I handed her the money.

"I don't know how other people do it, but that's how I do it." She said, passing me back some change.

Market peaches, $4 (small) and $5 (large)

"These are ready to eat. So get at'em." The young woman said, placing the softball sized peaches into the bag.

"They'll be gone by tomorrow." I said smiling.

Market tomatoes, $5.

I can't resist.


Every day I look. Every day.


We don't need scones. I don't need to make scones.

I made scones. Market raspberry and chocolate scones.


Black-Eyed Susan's


Passed down from grandmom to mom. From mom to me.


  1. Every bit of this post is wonderful, but especially the last sentence. That tomato will be red soon.

  2. oh... scones... i have to make scones.
    you are always an inspiration!

  3. The scones are lovely. Perfect. A wonderful thing to make after a day at the market.

  4. dazzling--those flowers.
    every day I monitor my tomatoes too, urging,
    soon soon very soon

  5. "but i punched it down instead" brilliant.

  6. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening.

  7. Kath - I hope you're right about the tomato.

    Elisabelle - I have to make more scones too!

    Tart - I'm glad that nothing has gone to waste from the market that day.

    nancy - We have more tiny tomatoes coming in. I couldn't be happier.

    The Salty Pear - :)

    Michele - We certainly stuffed ourselves that night.

  8. I'm completely smitten with your "red" (tomatoes, raspberries, peaches, apricots?, fabulous tablecloth) photograph. It's luscious.

  9. Denise - On clearance at Target for $4.88. It was a WOO HOO! moment.

  10. i just read this post again and having forgotten that i had commented on it, almost made the exact same comment on it. again. i'm consistent. your blog is very well written.


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