June 21, 2011

Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad


We didn't linger over Spicy Octopus & Potato at Motorino in Brooklyn. Not one moment. How could we? Why would we?

Our table was situated in the corner, next to the window. We sat on metal chairs. Elbows on the table. My stomach almost ached to be replenished.

I hope it's good.

It'd better be good.

It was good.

With two hearty glasses of red we pronged and chewed.

Does this taste good because we're hungry or is it really good?

The octopus, tender. The potatoes yielding just right. And heat. We love heat.

Spicy Octopus & Potato 14


Weeks Later


A morning at the farmer's market yielded: lettuce; cucumber; zucchini; sugar snap peas; squash; spring onions; cherries; and gooseberries.

An afternoon at the deli yield: salami; prosciutto; ricotta salata; pasta; olives; and tinned octopus.

We should make an octopus salad.


More Than Enough


Roberto pulled back the face of the tin.

I leaned over, inspecting. It doesn't look like much. We should have gotten two tins.

But it was enough.

The salad yielded: octopus; celery; shallot; baby red potatoes; extra virgin olive oil; salt; pepper; and lemon juice.


The tinned octopus was quite tender and succulent. The brand, Goya.


  1. I didn't know octopus was available tinned. Interesting. Your cherries and gooseberries look so good together. I've never eaten or even seen a gooseberry. I'm curious now...

  2. Sorry Tracy, I wait to be convinced about octopus as something which should be eaten, tinned or otherwise.Too many tentacles *shivers down spine* Everything else sounds wonderful though.

  3. The Spanish rule at canning seafood, tuna especially. I don't think I've tried tinned octopus, so the next time I'm in the city and at Despana I'll have to pick up a package. This looks really good!

  4. Denise - Gooseberries are very tart. You'll pucker :)

    Kathy - It's quite tasty. Oh well.

    elizabeth - We took a leap when we bought it, but we were pleasantly surprised.

  5. insalata di polipo!!! thanks for the reminder (I am in Sorrento, Italy, now and should go to the fish market tomorrow morning to get some polipo...)

  6. i can almost smell that last picture... yumm


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