June 30, 2011

A Raspberry Mascarpone Shortcake of Sorts

A Raspberry Mascarpone Shortcake of Sorts


I added a heaping teaspoon of raw sugar to an ounce of mascarpone. I stirred.

I knew the sugar would dissolve. It just needed time. Thank goodness the doorbell rang. A distraction.

One lonely leftover raspberry chocolate scone lay sliced open. A handful of plump raspberries sat in a small strainer.

To aid in distraction, I put a small pot of espresso on the stove. Roberto took out the trash.

As the espresso percolated, I stirred the sugar and mascarpone mixture. A bit looser, it now resembled a thick crema. I did a pinky taste.

I spread the mascarpone onto the bottom layer of the scone and topped it with a layer of raspberries and the scone's top half.

"This turned out better than expected." I said.


  1. Oh, it's a thing of beauty! I had missed a bunch of posts because we were at the beach for a week without internet (that was the coolest thing actually!) Your posts have been lovely and full of fresh, bright foods. I can tell you're very energized!!


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