July 11, 2011

Cherry Tomatoes and a Potato Salad

Cherry Tomatoes and a Potato Salad


"What's for lunch...Potato salad?" He asked.

"Yes. And a cherry tomato cucumber salad." I said.

"No sandwich?" He asked.

"Nope. You'll be starving." I said.

There was. There is so much. There are so many. A lot. Whole foods. Fruits and vegetables have taken over. I'm not complaining.

I prepped the melon and rinsed the blueberries. I can't forget the cherries. And those four dying peaches perched in a bowl in the back of the fridge.

Greek yogurt. Maple syrup. Peaches (diced). Breakfast.

A bag of cherries each. Fruit course. Lunch.

Canteloupe. Fruit course. Dinner.

Blueberries? Anyone?

Roberto had to slice the cucumber in half.

"It doesn't fit in the bag." He said.

The cucumber halves stood side by side, well above the lip of the bag.

It was a very long cucumber. 22 1/2 inches to be exact.

A cherry tomato cucumber salad. Salt. Pepper. Olive oil. Red wine vinegar. Lunch.

Baby reds. Vidalia. Celery. Capers. Parsley. Salt. Pepper. Grainy mustard. Mayo. Olive oil. Potato salad. Lunch.

I'm not complaining.


  1. Those are the most beautiful tomatoes I've seen all summer.

  2. I read this post with Roman sitting on my lap. He looked at your photos and made the Italian sign for "che buono" with his pointer finger on his face. (Ask Roberto to show you if you're not familiar.)
    That says it all!

  3. Those cherry tomatoes look sooo good Tracy. I wanna dive into them :)

  4. We are having Glen's farewell dinner tonight. This is the perfect salad to go along with the spiced BBQ ribs that he has requested. I am gathering the ingredients now...

  5. Oh! I can't wait for tomatoes to arrive! I love the variations of red color in the skins. They're just gorgeous!

  6. Wendi - They taste as good as they look, too.

    Nicole - I think I've seen that before. I will have to get Roberto to refresh my memory, though :)

    Magda - They're like candy!

    Julie - Farewell dinners are sad...eat well and be happy! I have a feeling that you'll put a nice twist on these basics—you always do :)

    Nicolette - They're ramping up here, just like the cucumbers. It will soon be completely out of control, but in a good way.


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