July 19, 2011

Garden Eggplant and Tomato Pasta

Garden Eggplant and Tomato Pasta


I sat comfortably at the kitchen table. Waiting.

The sound of a ladle dipping and tongs turning pasta.

He presented the bowl from my right. Placing it gently onto the plate in front of me.

I inhaled. I looked up. I smiled. This looks wonderful.

Spaghetti with diced eggplant, tomato and basil, from the garden. A chili pepper added a bit of heat. Some white wine and capers added a bit of acidity and finesse. Garlic. Shallot. Extra virgin olive oil. Pasta water. The slightest hint of heavy cream—if it equaled two tablespoons, I'd be surprised.

A grating of fresh paremsan.

The tines twisted the tendrils, sweeping up bits of tomato, eggplant and ribbons of basil.

I couldn't get enough. This seems to always be the case. My stomach is built for pasta. In this house it flows freely. Like water. Like wine.

I heard the swish of the flame and another ladle of pasta water hitting the pan.

The second bowl. Smaller. Slight. What was left.

When my bowl was empty, the spell was lifted. I set it off to the side. The signal that I was ready for the second course.


  1. How lovely the way you describe pasta flowing like wine! This looks like one great dish. Can't get enough of the intimacy of the dinner, the pretty tablecloth and imagining what comes next.

  2. My husband is kinda on a diet after leaving Italy, plus he said he needs a break from pasta. But not me! i better make myself some for lunch because you just make it sound too good.

  3. I love the idea of pasta flowing like water and wine. :-) beautiful.

  4. Beautiful. That second image, the color...

  5. "stomach built for pasta" YES!

    perfect summer eating--love all the elements, down to the smallest splash of cream in the sauce. and how nice to be served such a dish.

    curious about the second course...

  6. I too have a stomach built for pasta. M insists we can't live on it alone (I know, I don't know what he's thinking either) but oh--especially now, it's so perfect with all of the great vegetables available.


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