September 29, 2011




Preparation for a red sauce with sauteed zucchini and a sweet zucchini quickbread.


Sweaters and Socks


The kitchen will smell of coffee and baked apples.

The pantry will be restocked.

And when all is quiet I will hear the crows.

The overcast sky will release winds and the leaves will descend. Splashes of orange will dot the landscape.

The fall back will be swift.


  1. I love these words and the photos. It makes me long for home. I miss the changing color of the leaves. I feel the need to make soups and braises and fall mushroom risotto but the weather here firmly says ceviche and tropical fruits. I will live vicariously through you.

  2. whoosh!

    and that rare slant of light

    love the change.

  3. When I saw all that green in the photography, I was afraid you were going to announce you were starting a raw diet. I'm so glad you're NOT!
    I love the way you describe Fall.

  4. Julie - Today is the first cool day we've had in ages. Unfortunately there's rain in the forecast. It will require some baking. I need to head over to your blog. I've got some catching up to do...

    Denise - It feels like a knee-high socks sort of day.

    nancy - It is remarkable light.

    Nicole - Oh no. That would be dreadful :)

    Michele - If only I had a pile of leaves to fall into.

  5. Today feels like a proper fall day--brisk but sunny, perfect for wearing a sweater.

    (But I still have my sandals on. It takes a lot for me to give them up.)

    Zucchini with red sauce sounds so good to me now...


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