October 21, 2011

Egg Atop Crispy Quinoa, Ceci & Roast Zucchini

Egg Atop Crispy Quinoa, Ceci & Roast Zucchini


This was a serendipitous moment.

I knew full well that I'd repurpose what was left. A slight 1/3 cup. But if I was to follow my intentions—and I did—I would end up with a most delicious end of week lunch.

My only regret is that there wasn't more leftover quinoa. Had there been, it would have required a second egg (insert heavy sigh). There was certainly room in my stomach.

This quinoa salad, frugally preserved for this day, consisted of ceci (chickpeas), red onion and zucchini which I had roasted.

I drizzled extra virgin olive oil into a non-stick pan. This would give the quinoa salad something to crisp to, to sing out from. Gradually, over a low flame, the quinoa gained color, the ceci throbbed and popped (fried ceci is a revelation).

The nutty smell was mesmerizing.

I picked a random moment to slowly release the egg into the pan. It fell perfectly and nestled just right.

To aid, I covered the pan with a glass lid. It fogged up immediately, hindering my vision. I would have to lift the lid here and there to keep abreast of progress, releasing a swath of perfumed moisture right under my nose.

I waited. Patience was necessary. Finally.

This could become an addiction.

I hunched over the plate. Smiling. Quite pleased with myself.

That first crunchy bite with egg yolk—(insert heavy sigh).


  1. This is exactly the way I want to cook...and eat.

  2. Crispy quinoa. Fabulous! I have to try this.

  3. Love the combination and the 'no waste' in the kitchen philosophy. Covering the egg with lid is good trick to cook the top without peril of a turnover.

  4. This looks incredible! Who would of thought of putting quinoa with a fried egg - genius. It's always sad when you're left wanting more though.

  5. Wendi - It tasted genius.

    Julie - :)

    Denise - Do so. I hope it lives up to the pedestal I've placed it on.

    FOODalogue - Flipping eggs gives me anxiety :)

    Emily - It is very sad. I think to aid in happiness I should whip up another batch of quinoa...

  6. AH! It looks like it tasted Genius. This one is pure inspiration, Tracy. Crispy quinoa---gotta try it.

  7. oh my. speechless. this looks amazing.

  8. Wow, now you've been busy! And HA! I found something that is not pasta (after the above 2 posts)
    Whoever baked that bread is amazing too...

    My fridge is basically bare and it's raining and I wish i had all these ingredients now!


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