October 07, 2011

We Always Eat

We Always Eat


Coconut Oatmeal Cookies


Tinned Salmon Salad


Apple Muffins


I sit, have sat, with anemic thoughts. We always eat, but I cannot always write. If only my thoughts—how I translate, from synapse to fingertip—could be as prolific as my appetite.

Three sentences, now four, and distraction has me reaching and stuttering for...a complete thought.

I must release myself to the trenches. Whistle while I work. Make lists. Run through lists. Mark things off the list, lists.

Resistance is futile.


  1. Ah, I'm adding these to my "must make" list for the autumn. The coconut oatmeal cookies would be especially nice right now. I have the same proble, struggling for words sometimes but your pictures and wonderful food say it all.

  2. Those cookies do sound good. I always eat too, kind of a lot actually and I find myself baking and baking like there is no tomorrow.

  3. The photos are great, and the words will return.


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