November 11, 2011

Inner Monologue


This turned out better than I expected.


I can't believe these came from our garden.


This towel will never be this white again.


It's going to be too dark by the time the pasta is cooked.


I'm making a mess.


I'd be happy just eating this with some bread.


What a couple of beauties.


The gesture renders me speechless.


  1. Those chillies are fab - how hot are they? They look hot.

  2. Those little peppers are adorable. I won't share my inner monologue today...too odd, but I like yours. What is in that jar? I can not figure it out.

  3. "I'm making a mess" is basically the story of my life. I like to think of this as a positive thing...

  4. Kath - It's kinda odd, but each of them is different. Sometimes we'll add just one and our heads will be blown off and then other times we'll add two and end up with only moderate heat.

    Denise - Coconut macaroons from a fellow Baltimore blogger. It was such a sweet surprise.

    Julie - Very positive :)

  5. I love that - the macarons in a jar. i've been thinking about giving only food gifts this December and cookies in a jar is a fabulous thing (plus I use the jars for drinking glasses now. practically unbreakable!)
    Denise is right, the chili peppers are too cute.

  6. Nicole - I think we need to adopt the jars as drinking glasses in our house, too. I'm always breaking a glass.

  7. This is such a cool idea Tracy and ha, that I'm making a mess comment is the story of my life, followed closely by it'll be too dark when everything's ready. Your mess looks tidier than mine though and I'll take a photo to prove it ;-) But then again, whoever heard of a tidy cook?

  8. Emily Vanessa - I try to clean as I go, but sometimes flour does get the better of me :)

  9. This is a delightful read.

    I,too, am very messy, and I embrace this intrinsic part of the process.

    I've got a bunch of mason jars that I use as drinking glasses--they feel good in your hand.

  10. We (or rather Mr OC) have/ has found that with our harvest too (as he chews one with each meal)

  11. nancy - Sturdy. Drinking from mason jars reminds me of simpler days.

    Kath - We sometimes eat them raw at the table with dinner too. It's always fun when you get an extra hot one :)

  12. I loved jumping inside your head and eyes!


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