December 05, 2011

Cinnamon Bread

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Maybe it was only hunger.

I inverted the loaf pan and pulled the cinnamon bread free.

It had felt cool so I placed it onto a cutting board. I knocked. It sounded hollow. The crust had a delicious lacquer finish to it. I ran my hand over the top. It felt smooth and perfect.

It was with a deep breath that I sliced into it. An inch in from the end. Carefully. I tend to cut into bread too soon. But, this time, it was not too soon. It was just right.

I'm certain eyes widened and I know I smiled. A swirl of cinnamon. A lovely crumb. Crumb. Crust. Everything was oddly correct. As it should be.

My confidence had done wonders. Just follow the directions, I had told myself. Relax. It's only bread.

It's only bread.

I examined the slice, staring at me face up on the cutting board. I put the knife down. I picked up the knife. I rotated the slice, looking for the perfect angle in which to cut a piece for tasting. I put down the knife once again.

It doesn't matter what you look like, if you don't taste good...

I picked up the knife and sliced. I examined the piece and took a bite.

Suddenly, the hole was filled. It fell to my stomach as if on a mission.

I couldn't wait for Roberto to try it. I wondered if he would try it. It was nearing the dinner hour.

"It's so good...that...that it has the power to mend a hole in ones heart." I blurted.

He smiled.

"Or maybe the hole in ones stomach?" I said.

"Most likely." He said.

Roberto took a piece and ate it quickly. No hesitation.

"It's good." He said.

"It is good. I'm surprised. Really." I said.

The next morning we ate thick slices, toasted, with strong coffee while watching Sunday Morning.

"Who's this guy...Where's the guy?" Roberto asked.

"He has a cold." I said.

After breakfast I bagged up half of the remaining loaf to bring across the street along with The Bread Bible for Roberto's father. I had marked a prosciutto bread recipe that I thought he might be interested in seeing.


  1. Wait, I have that book. Does that mean I can create as beautiful a loaf of bread as you did? I have seriously slacked in my Bread Bible Studies.

  2. What a fantastic loaf! Glad it tasted as lovely as it looks, and yet another wonderfully written post.

  3. Ah, I can smell the cinnamon. Sundays at your house sound like fun.

  4. It is beautiful. A toasted slice with coffee, oh my...

  5. Wendi - The recipe came from Joy of Cooking. I'm sure you could whip a loaf up, no problem.

    Kath - We just finished it this morning :)

    Michele - Sunday tends to be a day of eating and relaxing, usually.

    Denise - But it has to be a thick slice...

  6. oohh new header - very exciting - I like it!

  7. Kath - It's in a state of flux today...trying to reformat things while doing my day job :)

  8. ooooh, look at that swirl!
    my friend Maggie says the same thing--it's only bread!
    but still.

  9. Oh me oh my! A whole new look to your blog! So fresh!!!
    The cinnamon bread makes you look like you own a bakery. i am so impressed.
    Wow, R's father lives across the street? That's so old school and homey. (I hope)

  10. .... with strong coffee! Yum indeed! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. nancy - I'm thinking more cinnamon and sugar in that swirl next time.

    Nicole - It is old school and homey :)

    Mika - Thanks for stopping by, too :)

    Kathy - It's simpler. I tend to fuss over things. I'm glad you like it!


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