December 22, 2011

A Knit Hat in Stockinette Stitch


I wonder if now I'll put more effort into baking cookies.

I just needed to finish this one. Even if it curled at the end because I used a straight stockinette stitch.

I've finished hats before, but they all reside in a misfit hat drawer. Too small. Too tall. Too wide. The color's all wrong. I should have frogged them all.

I decided to close the book. Use my own calculations. Rely on instinct. When in doubt. I went with my gut.

100% wool. It felt good in my hands. And the bamboo needles. Always.

I'll admit to a moment of terror as I went from circular to doubled sided, to finish. There was good deal of breath holding. Gulping. I may have even knit with one eye shut, my face in a horrible contortion.

So back to, I just needed to finish this one. I'll frog until the bison comes home. I don't mind.

I was beginning to think that my days of knitting were over. So many ill-starts. So many grand ideas. Too many at a time. I wanna do this. I wanna do that. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I still yearn for the day I produce the perfect hat. The perfect scarf. In the perfect stitch. In the perfect color...


  1. But wait...this hat is darling. Is it not the perfect hat in the perfect stitch in the perfect color? If not, it sure is close.

  2. Yes, but this is so beautiful! And I thought the curl was intentional...

  3. Denise and Clair - Thank you for making me smile today.

  4. I believe you will. I've watched my sister grow more and more skilled as a knitter over the last five or more years. Now she's really good and we all reap the benefits of her creations this time of year. It's fantastic and so is this little hat.

  5. It has to be bamboo needles! Happy Christmas to you both. xxx

  6. I'm impressed.Knitting and sewing and crocheting have all eluded me! Best wishes to you in the new year.


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