January 19, 2012

I've Been Wearing This Hat


In the gray mornings of winter it no longer looks a granny blue.

With size 6.0 bamboo circular needles I cast on 80 stitches and then for six rows I knit four, purled four.

I then knit for five and half inches.

From here, I decreased.

Knit six, knit two together.

Knit five, knit two together.

Knit four, knit two together.

Knit three, knit two together.

Knit two, knit two together.

Yes that sounds right. Though, at some point I had to knit off of the circular needles onto double sided needles. I couldn't begin to say where. Only, that when the times comes, you'll know.

Once on double sided needles I kept knitting two together in the round until I was left with only a few stitches in which to finish.

I thread a rather large knitting needle and did my very best.


  1. yes, you did. what a nice hat for grey days.

  2. I like your relationship with hat knitting lately. I've knit 3 hats. The first was a few years back, too big for Chris, passed on to Dad. The second was for me. I knit two yarns together and semi-followed a pattern, as if it were a recipe. Chris loves it, but it feels a bit snug and short to me. The third was perfect, I followed a pattern. You are inspiring me to make one hat using your instructions above and then try and create my own hat. I'll be thinking of ideas.

  3. A beautiful hat. Your knitting is so inspiring to me. My sister tried to show me how to knit a scarf with the prettiest light blue wool over the holidays but I was too distracted to follow. After seeing your lovely work I am determined to learn this year.


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