January 17, 2012

Much Needed


It seemed like a lot at the time, but in retrospect it was only just enough to keep everything else in balance.

A pot to cook quinoa.

A pot to cook green lentils.

A pot to boil rapini.

A pot to melt butter and chocolate.

In that order.

A salad of quinoa and green lentils. Salt. Pepper. Extra virgin olive oil. That is all.

Brownies. It's been a while, friend.


When I walked into the house it smelled of buttery mushrooms. Warm and meaty. He had been busy all afternoon prepping for dinner.

The rapini stood at the back of the stove, dressed in garlic, crushed red pepper, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Tonight we'll layer it onto slices of bread with cheese.

I'm getting ahead of myself...


  1. Nice salad. I was in such a mood yesterday. Dinner was simple and just what I desired.

  2. Replies
    1. We're nothing but fruits and vegetables during the week, usually.

    2. We're nothing but fruits and vegetables during the week, usually.

  3. I've had these moments of intensely craving healthy foods this month. Vegetable soup. Baked barley, granola. But then last night, my uncle made sticky toffee pudding and right then and there I ate two bowls full. And went to bed feeling sick.
    I hope you were more moderate with your brownies.

    1. Sticky toffee pudding sounds really good. Two bowls? Amazing. I think we've mastered the art of moderation—most days, anyway.

  4. Rapini are my favorite.
    I find the two last lines of this post especially endeering.

  5. i adore the simplicity of your posts... this one was beautiful as per usual :)

    PS. brownies for you, black forest cake for me


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