January 15, 2012



I had just burned my bottom lip, but no matter. I would wince in pain and savor the bite.

To keep things authentic and simple, he simply milled a few tomatoes, added in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, dried oregano, and parsley. Raw, it was placed atop the stretched dough.

I diced red onion and half a ball of mozzarella.

What this pizza needs is some fresh basil, I said.

We discussed possibly buying a bit of dried since we were well out of basil season. We were almost out of oregano, too.

And the sheet pan turned out to be the perfect vessel. Allowing for an even bake. Browning the bottom to our liking.

And perhaps the best part, the cold, marinated anchovies we placed atop each slice before taking that first bite.

I don't think I'll be able to eat pizza any other way, ever again.


  1. The pizza looks amazing. I think I can smell the tomatoes and oregano wafting my way. Love the idea of the cold anchovies on top of the hot pizza--something I must try.

    1. It's wonderful. We buy marinated white anchovies from our local Italian deli. They're expensive, but worth every delicious penny.


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