January 27, 2012

Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce


I devoured, straight from the pan with the most logical utensil, a spoon. No bread.

A simple preparation. A few scoops of leftover tomato sauce into the smallest of pans. While the cold burned off I cracked two eggs into a bowl. When the sauce sang its gentle song I poured the eggs in, dead center. A sprinkle of salt. A grind of pepper.

It wasn't long before I was turning off the flame and dusting the top with parmesan and parsley.

I looked forward to breaking the yolk, letting it—allowing it—for a brief moment to run with the sauce.

And I imagined myself and Roberto in a cafe, someplace—Berlin—Paris—Rome—engaging in such a culinary endeavor after an evening of drink and discussion with like-minded friends. Steam rising from tiny cups of strong coffee mingling with the haze of cigarette smoke, sweat, and sleepy gazes.

It seems I've let my mind wander. Again.


  1. Sounds wonderfully yummy and so beautifully written.

  2. wandering minds are good. would love to be in that cafe myself..

  3. And I imagined myself as one of those like-minded friends with whom you were drinking and discussing.

  4. I am with Denise...
    these are called "uova in purgatorio" in Italia (eggs in Purgatory).
    Especially love: "the most logical utensil"...a spoon...

  5. Lovely! And the words...
    You can also add just a little bit of turmeric on top and the colors of the dish turns heavenly (and far from il purgatorio!).

  6. oh, I could dip a spoon into these eggs right now. and be transported to some faraway cafe, too. lovely post.


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