January 11, 2012

Yesterday Was Tuesday


I had the small pot on to boil and sauce simmered on low in a shallow pan.

He asked what kind of pasta.

Short, but long short.


Really? Ravioli?

It's Tuesday.

We'll have to pull out the big guns.

The small pot would not do. While the ravioli would fit, we worried that the water temperature would not recover as quickly as we would like.

I pulled the larger pot from the cabinet and set it into the sink. I poured the already boiling water from the smaller pot in, and filled it the rest of the way with tap.

The sauce tastes good.

It did taste good. Half a shallot, minced. One clove of garlic, minced. A good bit of crushed red pepper. A mix of extra virgin and virgin olive oil. One 28 oz can tomatoes, milled. Parsley.

I let the minced and crushed bits soften over a low flame before adding in the tomato. In no time, it began to simmer and bubble. A constant eye. A bit of stirring. Salt and a healthy pinch of chopped parsley.

It is good.

It was always good when we made it this way.

The ravioli takes four to six minutes.

Forty six minutes?

Four to six.

Spinach and cheese ravioli from the pasta man (Cavanna Pasta). We had stocked up before the farmers market closed for the season. Cheese. Spinach and cheese. Beef and spinach. All postage in size. All delicious. Made with few ingredients, all whole.

We were in for a treat. It was after all, Tuesday.


  1. I love how you make each and every dinner a celebration. And now I feel the need to find this pasta man of yours.

    1. He makes exceptional pasta. It does feel like a dinner party for two every night :)

  2. Replies
    1. I could eat a pound all by myself :)

  3. Just perfect for a Tuesday dinner--or Wednesday, or Thursday. . .

    1. Roberto would agree with you, as would I :)

  4. Ha ha I love it - it being Tuesday, forty six and the look of that ravioli.

  5. Great meal for a Tuesday night.
    So I was wondering what kind of invitation I'd have to extend to get you and Roberto to come have a meal with us in NY?
    Something to brighten the long winter months maybe?

    1. We would love an invite...With Roberto's brother living in Brooklyn, we always have a reason to make our way up to NY. Although, Roberto hates walking in the cold...but he loves dinner.

    2. Ok let's do it, if he's game!! Name your weekend. He wouldn't have to walk too far. We are super close to many subway lines :) (plus it's not that cold)

  6. a simmering garlicked tomato sauce is a source of joy in our house and it's what we're eating tonight (though heavy with the last of the basil) - but how I envy your little ravioli.

    1. Oh, wow...heavy with basil. Be still my heart :)

  7. very poetic way to share a recipe...I like it! And beautiful photos.

    1. TracyJan 12, 2012 09:49 AM
      Thank you. You know, I get that a lot, "poetic". I'm glad things come across that way :)


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