March 05, 2012

On Friday


I was taken with the c0lor. A cool spring green that reminded me of great grandmothers, button-filled tins and butter mint candies.

A perfect contrast to the hushed warm gray tones of a solitary skein of organic 100% cotton.

I gave just as much adoration to cylinders of red candy-striped.

I bought flowers, too. Orange carnations. Irish bells. Lilies.

With one mild-mid-morning I bowed beneath the sun and with a great flourish greeted spring.

Rewarded late afternoon with the treasure that was one very tiny clementine.


  1. That little clementine is so cute! You've taken me back to my childhood days of buttermints with that yarn. Colour is breaking through, both inside and out!

  2. Those mint candy tones take me straight back to my grandfather's car and english humbugs kept in the glove-box. Flowers, fruit and yarn - what a lovely Friday.

  3. Looks lovely - the colours of your wool are beautiful, and that tiny clementine is so sweet.

  4. Oh and I forgot to tell you! You are reading "The housekeeper and the professor" how I loved that book!

  5. I've just returned home and am so ready to begin making such beautiful quiet observations. Thank you for helping me ease back in.


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