March 23, 2012

Things Come Easier in the Spring

IMG_4757 IMG_4759

I remarked that it looked like a jellyfish.

Moments later it looked like an egg-shaped heart.

The yolk was just set. A bit firm, but wobbly in the middle.

The asparagus cooked just right.  It's subjective.

Friday, dinner.


  1. What a gorgeous Friday dinner. A wonderful start to a weekend.

  2. It's nice that asparagus is finally coming into season. I was shocked to see it all winter long (i forgot that here in the land of Plenty everything is available all year long) but I prefer to think of asparagus as a Spring vegetable.
    In my world these days, eggs are smothered in hot sauce. And then some!

  3. Heaven is an asparagus bed. I can eat ridiculous quantities of it.


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