September 09, 2012

The result of open hands


12 hours past and there remains the faint smell of potatoes browned in butter and olive oil. The early morning light is a washed out blue, cool and broken. Upon opening the window there is a breeze. A cool breeze that is long overdue.

Soon it will smell of chocolate crullers and a fine dark coffee. Our brains will wake.

It is on a morning such as this that a walk is required. Any errands planned must be postponed. One must enjoy the moment. Be fully present. To have no plans.

This is the kind of day that one must frequent. To kiss on both cheeks and stand shoulder to shoulder with in a crowd.

But instinct reacts and assignments run through like a silent movie. Glowing white check marks on a stark black background. Eyes glued to an imaginary screen.

I will keep my fists closed to prevent the words from escaping.



  1. Beautifully expressed. I'd like to stand shoulder to shoulder with your day.

    1. It was quite nice. We took two long walks, a nap, and loads of cooking.

  2. I2 hours and there remains the (not very) faint smell of roast chicken. Properly lovely T.

    1. I'm imagining it. Very nice, indeed.


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