October 22, 2012



I roasted cauliflower with olive oil, salt and pepper on a half sheet pan for about 50 minutes at 375°, mid-Sunday morning.

It filled the house with the smell of roasting cauliflower. It's a smell I find pleasant and comforting. It made me wish for something with potatoes and salty bits of ham nestled in with winter cabbage bubbling slowly in a dutch oven.

I imagined myself sinking into my kitchen chair leaning into a steaming bowl with a nice lump of crusty bread. The heat from the potato and cabbage burning my tongue.

But, for now, I'll look forward to a lunch of quinoa with roasted cauliflower. I'm thinking it might taste even finer stretched into a pot of simmering broth. Most likely chicken. A nice soup of quinoa and cauliflower. A nice lump of crusty bread. Me, sinking into my kitchen chair, leaning into a steaming bowl.

After, I'll get comfortable on the sofa, perhaps with a throw, a nice cup of tea with honey, and read a chapter or two from M.F.K. Fisher (Love in a Dish) or Ruth Reichl (For You Mom, Finally).

The slim volume of M.F.K. Fisher is my first. I'm finding it agreeable, and, will no doubt acquire a clumsy collection of Ms. Fisher's writings in the near future, just as I have with Ruth Reichl's books.

I love how clever and honest their words are, and how honestly clever I feel after I read them.


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    1. It was a nice day. I was glad to be in the zone.

  2. sounds so autumnal, and cozy. sink in! I also recommend "an everlasting meal" by Tamar Adler and "a homemade life" by Molly Wizenberg, to go with this lovely list...

    1. Thanks, Amelia. I'll have to check out the Tamar Adler book. I have Molly's book. Perhaps I should open that one up again.

  3. Yes, very. I think you might like Elizabeth David too

    1. Oh, and Elizabeth David, too. It's nice to have book recommendations.


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