December 04, 2012

Always a fair amount of eating


I arranged wobbly bits of mozzarella on a plate with slender sheets of prosciutto. There were olives and a nest of leftover rapini.

After pasta I took slices of rustic bread and stacked slender sheets of prosciutto with wobbly bits of mozzarella on top. I then stacked tiny nests of rapini and more wobbly bits of mozzarella. I ate olives in between—lining the pits up neatly on the rim of my plate.

We both saved a bit of bread for nuts—pistacio, walnut and almond. Refilling our glasses now and then with a full-bodied red.


  1. Love the way your post ends with the words "full-bodied red" and then your photo shows us something intensely flavoured and red.

  2. "nests of rapini"... i like this visual... and the peppers are ruby and festive

  3. I want that sandwich. And whatever pasta you made, too.


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