June 01, 2013

What I didn't see at the time


There are many random photos.

This one taken while waiting for the train back to Rapallo from Vernazza.

Notice how the little girl has her leg crossed just like her mother, only in the opposite direction. Also notice where the little girl is resting her foot (atop the foot of her big sister).

I just noticed this morning—not the morning it was taken. Clearly I am more alert before 7 a.m. then any other time in the day.


  1. Lovely. I'm so glad you're posting again. Your posts come to my email and it's like a little gift every morning lately.

    1. Thank you, Nicole. It seems the change of scenery did me a world of good.

  2. families have this subtle ways of marking who and how we are... on the outside (like in this photo) just like on the inside

  3. Replies
    1. I was happy to finally see the details I had missed.


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