August 16, 2013

A glass for water and a glass for wine


A tableside seafood risotto with tomato broth in Vernazza—May, 2013.


The other night I had $38 waiting by the front door. A twenty, a ten, a five and, three singles. All stacked neatly, face up.

I had two email confirmations and a time to look forward to. Around 6:50.

The table was set. A glass for water and a glass for wine, plates, forks and, napkins. A bottle of red—I believe it was a cabernet.

With nothing else to do but wait, I paced. Which is to say, I walked back and forth from kitchen to front door, peering through the peep hole and looking back up at the kitchen clock.


And, finally. A stone cold pizza and a wilted salad.

I don't know how people do it.


  1. haha. love it. and wow. that risotto looks amazing. i would eat it right out of the pot.


  2. Ugh. Ordering food has become such a disappointment for me. I'm not sure if I've become more selective or the food delivered has gotten worse. You must have really been missing that beautiful Ligurian risotto when the cold pizza showed up. I hope today is filled with your own excellent home cooked food.

  3. What a kick in the (proverbial) balls. Especially after you were likely waiting for a good 45 minutes for that cold pizza and wilted lettuce in the first place.


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