August 19, 2009

©2009 Amuse-bouche for Two

Oily Little Buggers

The remains of our final can of sardines. Now we grieve over the sad remains of our pantry. A trip to the market to rebuild our supply is in order. 

We love sardines. We don't mind the smell. They taste great and are rich in omega's, vitamins and protein.

I wouldn't mind sitting down to a can now, right here in my cube. My neighbors would no doubt cause an uproar over the "stench". I would cry, "It's no worse than your smelly cardboard box microwave meals or leftover Chinese carryout. Let me eat in peace!"

Further, I indulge my fantasy with the idea that one day they will make saltine crackers without high fructose corn syrup. Layering a saltine with yellow mustard, sardine, a sliver of parm and a pitted green olive...

I know, salt on salt. Maybe too much salt. The food realities of my youth merging with the food realities of present. I will always fall happily victim.

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