August 12, 2009

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What Is For Lunch

Using it up and wearing it out, lunch today has some inspiring and not so inspired components. Forgive the slice cheese product. Who can deny the flavor of youth? My adult spin on it, being organic sliced cheese product. Artisan ciabatta rolls from the supermarket on their last refridgerated leg hold a stack of heirloom tomato, before-mentioned cheese, cucumber, salt, pepper and a leaning tower of mixed greens, heavy on the spinach.

Another local product of my youth, Utz pretzels will accompany. Mass produced and local. They sorta cancel eachother out, leaving me to question whether the pretzels actually exist.

A camera shy container of blueberries and kiwi will finish the meal.

I'll be hungry again at 3:00. Wondering what's for dinner. A question I ponder throughout the day. Keeping my stomach at bay with as much water as I can, I'll hope for a commute that doesn't inpire expletives the entire drive home. Ah, but I do have an excuse, or two. I'm very susceptible to dehydration and my blood sugar levels need to be addressed or else I can get quite ornery.

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