August 12, 2009

Dream: Donut Peach Galette

It's restaurant week in Baltimore once again. While perusing the dinner menus for participating restaurants on I came across a Roasted Pineapple Galette offering from Gertrude's. All of sudden I was stricken with the memory of a dream I had just last night. A donut peach galette. In the dream I see myself clearly, rolling out the dough, then folding it in half and then in half again, covering it with plastic wrap and then placing it into the fridge to chill. Then, like a flicker or the blink of an eye, I've got the dough open on my counter top and I'm cutting up donut peaches, skin on, quite rustically. It gets a little fuzzy at this point (no pun intended). I believe I sprinkle a coarse crystalized sugar on top, and fold in the edges of the dough.

But, that's all I can remember. 

I'll have to make this now. Peaches are in season. A buttery galette dough cuddling up on some sweet peaches gilded by a dusting of sugar...

Have I crossed over to some unique place where food has invaded my dreams? Ideas for recipes that I didn't know I had the desire to make are revealing themselves to me. I find it fascinating. I just hope I can find donut peaches at the farmers market on Sunday.

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