September 09, 2009

Coffee House, A Dream

I'm currently reading 'Ground Up' by Michael Idov. It's my way of delaying the inevitable task of finishing War and Peace. In fact, I've got several more literary delays lined up after this one.

When I read the premise for the book I was intrigued. I'm only halfway through, but it doesn't look like a happy ending. I'm glad for that. It's a small dose of reality for those who have ever thought about abandoning their day job to open a boutique coffee house.

A commercial property just closed at the end of our block. It would be perfect for a coffee house. The side of the building that faces the street is panel after panel of glass. With just the right renovations, the place would twinkle. It's the kind of business our neighborhood desperately needs. We really can't afford to have another abandoned building on our street. In a heartbeat, if we had the funds to back it up, we'd jump at the chance to be apart of the renaissance.

But I must digress or else a misery and depression of what could be will overwhelm me.

There have been a lot of pauses while composing this post. My thoughts drift off to those far off places were we actually have the coffee house up and running. The neighborhood is quiet. Each time the door opens, a regular enters, the smell of coffee and french pastries wafts out into the street...

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